What is Horror House?

If you like horror movies, adrenaline jumps and sudden twists, the Horror House, otherwise known as the House of Fear, is the perfect place for you. In about 30 minutes you will experience what the heroes of horror movies experience with all your senses. Traveling through the carefully arranged rooms, looking for the ghosts imprisoned in the Horror House and listening to the terrifying sounds from whispers to screams you will break away from everyday life for brief moment. This kind of entertainment is for people with steel nerves who like to feel the thrill firsthand. The House of Fear is a great place for an unforgettable date, an unusual start to meeting friends, organizing an unusual birthday, a bachelor or hen party, or an inclusive team building meeting.

The Story

In Poznań, near the Old Market Square, near Zamkowa Street, there is an almost empty, old tenement house. On the first floor there is a flat, which during the interwar period was inhabited by Countess Mirella von Ramoneskov. Mirella’s marriage to count von Ramoneskov was widely heard by the aristocracy, because the Countess was not a countess before, but an acrobat at a doorstep circus. Monsignor von Ramoneskov reached social ostracism through this misalliance, ceased to be invited to the balls, the company was no longer willing to come to Zamkowa Street. Mirella, however, was a clever person and she came up with the idea of attracting society from the upper classes. She began to organize spiritualist seances, which she gained knowledge of during numerous journeys with her circus troupe. Being at séances at the countess’ has become a very fashionable social attraction. Everyone wanted to talk to someone who died. A husband asked his wife if she was sure she was faithful to him, or a wife asked her husband, where he hid the valuables. One evening, as usual, several people gathered to spend time talking with the souls of those who left. Seven people entered the apartment, but no one left. There were loud noises, shouts, and then there was silence. When the State Police opened the door the next morning, they found an unimaginable mess inside, but none of the participants from the evening meeting. The investigation on an unprecedented scale was carried out, but nothing was established. Then came World War II and other issues were more important. Until recently, the castle house at Zamkowa was quite empty, no one wanted to rent infamous rooms. To this day, some people say that they hear moans and wails at night, and some on the contrary that there is circus music and laughter.

For 3-6 people

PLN 35 per person


For 2 people

PLN 40 per person


Online reservation


If there is anyone close to you who likes to feel the adrenaline rush and would like to face his/her own fears, then the Lights Out voucher guarantees an unforgettable experience.

1.A traditional voucher can be picked up after previous telephone contact and paid for in cash,

2.An electronic voucher is sent to an e-mail address after payment to the account (we will send you the number of our account to your e-mail adress after you contact us)

Vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.


Prices of vouchers:

For 2 people- 85 PLN

For 3 people- 105 PLN

For 4 people- 140 PLN

For 5 people- 170 PLN

For 6 people- 205 PLN


1) Only people above 16 years old are allowed to enter.

2) The number of people in the group is 2-6 people.

3) It is forbidden to use mobile phones, cameras or own light sources.

4) The show is not intended for people with heart disease, asthma, hypertension, mental disorders, epilepsy, nyktophobia, claustrophobia, arachnophobia, haemophobia and pregnant women.

5) We are not responsible for items damaged or lost during the show.

6) There is a total ban on touching, pushing and hitting actors.

7) It is forbidden to touch and destroy props and set design.

8) It is forbidden to disconnect from the group.

9) Persons under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants are not allowed to take part in the sessions.

10) The facility is strictly non-smoking.

11) Breaking one of the points of the regulations will result in the immediate discontinuation of the show.

12) The safe word is a clearly spoken word “STOP”. As soon as it is used, the service person takes out a reporting person, while other people continue playing. In order for the show to continue, minimum two people must participate in it.

13) The use of a safe word does not entitle you to get a refund for interrupted play.


How many people can take part in the show at one time?

The show is designed for 2-6 people.


Will other people be included in our group?

In the case of booking groups of two or three people, it is possible that other people will take part in the show.


Will the actors touch us?

The touch can be part of the show, but we do not hurt anyone or cause pain.


How long does the session take?

The game length depends on the group, but the average time of the session is 20-30 minutes.


Is it possible to pay by card?

No, the payment is only possible in cash – before the game.


Is a reservation required?

Yes, sometimes it happens that the room is free until the last minute, but it is rare and it is better to book a game by phone, through our website or Facebook.


What should we wear?

We recommend comfortable clothes and flat heel shoes for comfortable game.


How much earlier should we come before the show?

Please arrive on time, if you have a reservation at 19:00, we expect you at 19:00.